Hakery Snovedenij – when fashion meets dreams

 The last two weeks have been quite intense here in Moscow with a lot of fashion shows. In fact both the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and the Moscow Fashion Week – Sdelano v Rossii (which means “Made in Russia) have taken place. The second one in particular focuses on new talents of the Russian fashion scene. Russia is not famous for being part of the fashion market, but in the last few years a lot of designers have started to create their own collections and to show them.

I was invited to the closing event provawhere two talented designers, Simonyan Haik and Feder Dodonov debuted with their haute couture collection “Xakery Snovidenij” (Hackers of dreams). They really succeeded in creating a magic world inhabited by characters from a far galaxy, a wonderland. A mix of natural materials: textile, leather, wool, all rigorously produced in Russia and processed in their atelier in Moscow, and artificial ones, used only for the frames and the skeletons of the more structured dresses. Along with suggestive melodies, dances and models able to seduce with their gestures, Feder and Haik gave birth to a real theatrical performance.

It was very interesting to meet  the two designers in the backstage especially because none of them seems to have a background in arts or design, but they do believe in what thebackstagey do and they are convinced, as Feder said: “to be born with what it takes to be an artist”.

For now the two designers are focused only on Haute Coture as they consider it a part of the fashion world only a few people are acknowledging. What’s more they wouldn’t like anyone to wear their dresses, they regard them as pieces of art to stare at and maybe to be shown in a museum. However their biggest dream is still to reach the heart of Russians.


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